This document represents manual for general secondary education "Democratic citizenship and human rights", called "Living in Democracy  (in Azerbaijani).

This document represents an instruction of the Committee of Ministers “Guide to good practice in respect of domestic remedies” (in Azerbaijani).

This document represents a guide on Article 6 of the Convention - Right to a fair trial (civil limb) (in Azerbaijani).

New media textbook (in Azerbaijani)

Publication date: 2017

This document represents a new media textbook (in Azerbaijani).

This document represents Guide on Article 5 of the Convention - Right to liberty and security (in Azerbaijani).

This document represents Guide to human rights for internet users (CM/Rec(2014)6) (in Azerbaijani).

This document represents manual on using international election standards (in Armenian).

Handbooks for Observers (in Armenian)

Publication date: 2016

This document represents handbooks for Observers (in Armenian).

This report is on the assessment mission on penitentiary health care in the Republic of Armenia carried out from 29June to 3 July 2015 within the Project “Strengthening health care and human ...

This document represents manual on general criminal investigative methodology (in Armenian).

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