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The strategy paper provides country analysis, followed by the overview of past and present donor cooperation, complementarity and consistency, and includes Multi-annual Indicative Programme 20...

The documents represents the European Commission's decision to approve the "Special measure 2014 in favour of Ukraine", with such actions constituting this measure: Annex 1:...

The publication is intended for communication purposes of taking stock of the Eastern Partnership in 2914. It presents stories, facts and figures from all six countries along with reginal co-operat...

The Association Agenda sets out a list of priorities for joint work in the 2014-16 period, based on the structure of the Association Agreement. 

EU-Moldova Association Agreement

Publication date: 2014

The document presents a full text of the EU-Moldova Association Agreement, including the DCFTA (2014).

This document represents Guide on Article 5 of the Convention - Right to liberty and security (in Azerbaijani).

3-year matrix 2015-2017

Publication date: 2014

Description of action

Publication date: 2014

Report prepared by the representatives of civil society organisations in the Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries and their international partners within the framework of the Civil Society Forum of ...

Conclusions of the Foreign Affairs Council on the Middle East Peace Process, expressing its concern at the continuing stalemate in the process and calling for an urgent need to resume negotiations ...