The EaP CSF has produced this document based on the expert feedback from more than 60 CSOs encompassing the entire range of civil society activity in the eastern neighbourhood. The EaP CSF has prev...

The document presents EU priorities up to 2020 towards the development of digital economies and societies in the Eastern Partnership countries.

12 EIP guarantee tools - factsheet

Publication date: 2018

This document summarises each guarantee tool for investment, lists the basic criteria one needs to meet to be eligible for funding, gives contact details to find out more. 

This Baseline Measurement for Ukraine covers the strategic framework of public administration reform; policy development and co-ordination; public service and human resource management; accoun...

DG Energy Management Plan 2018

Publication date: 2018

The DG ENER 2018 Management plan sets out the main outputs and activities planned in2018 and illustrates how their outputs contribute to the achievement of the specificobjectives.

Belarus - Trade Statistics (2018)

Publication date: 2018

The document represents statistics for Belarus trade between 2014-2017.

European Commission document provides a statistical overview of Belarus’ trade relationship with the European Union, including the main indicators as well as import and export data by sector ...

The data used in this factsheet were provided by ISDB and extracted from the COMEXT-EUROSTAT database unless otherwise indicated, in statistical regime IV.EU refers to the European Union at 28 memb...