Analysis of special protection natural areas law framework and developed proposals for harmonization of framework between Ukraine and EU

Publication date: 2014

The report is the final first-year report of the FLEG II project assignment “Analyze special protection natural areas law framework and develop proposals for harmonization of framework between Ukraine and EU”.The report is presented in Ukrainian and consists of five sections and three annexes.The study consist of three topics: (1) analysis of the legislative framework on special protection areas and development of proposals for its harmonization between Ukraine and the EU; (2) approximation of EU directives "Council Directive 79/409 / EEC on the Conservation of Wild Birds" (Birds Directive) and "Council Directive 92/43 / EEC of 21 May 1992 on the Conservation of Natural Habitats and of Wild Fauna and Flora" (Habitat Directive) to Ukrainian legislation; and  (3) development of initial proposals for changes in forestry and environmental legislation in order to harmonize special protection natural areas inventory and management in Ukraine and the EU, considering the outcomes of the legislative framework analyze. Author outlined comprehensive report on the main issues, among which the problem of the Forest biodiversity protection, which is not foreseen by the Guide for Development of Forest Management Plan outside of protected areas (83% of State forest lands) managed by the main forest stakeholder - State Agency of Forest Resources. Also, there are no specific regulations on the development of Sustainable Forest Management Plans, as well as the criteria and indicators of Sustainable Forest Management are not written in the national legislative framework.The indicated topics are presented in separate first three sections of the report.The fours section outlines the information on specified press releases for FLEG 2 and WWF websites.The fifth section contains information on the records of conducted consultations with public, professionals, government officials on biodiversity protection in forests.Annex 1 consist of the list of international documents and Ukrainian legislation on forest biodiversity and special protected areas; Annex 2 - changes into inventory of forests on protected areas approach of the “Instruction of inventory of forest fund in Ukraine”; and the Annex 3 – includes a draft of the proposals for amendments to the Cabinet of Ministry of Ukraine from 16.05.2007, № 733 "Procedure of forest division into categories and the allocation of specially protected forest areas".

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