Analysis of the Voluntary Forest Certification Potential within Forestry Sector of Azerbaijan

Publication date: 2014

This report provides an analysis and evaluation of possibilities applying the Voluntary Forest Certification within Forestry Sector of Azerbaijan. The research draws attention to current situation in the Azerbaijan forestry sector in terms of conditions for FSC-based certification, existing challenges and opportunities if FSC certification is applied. Further investigations reveal potential national and international markets for certified forest products from Azerbaijan An analysis shows that forest certification of Azerbaijan forests can only be considered as an instrument for sustainable forest management and could not generate any commercial profit. At the same time there are no serious contradictions between the requirements of the FSC principles and criteria and the current forest management situation. Nevertheless, it is necessary to carry out a significant amount of preparatory activities. The report shows the possible concrete steps towards promotion of voluntary forest certification in Azerbaijan. Results of data analysed show necessary legislative and other changes to reflect FSC principles in Azerbaijan forest policy and legislation.  Proposed recommendations include first of all:  updates and renovations in applicable forest legislation of Azerbaijan,  certification of a small model area.

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