An approach with a Business-as-Usual scenario projection to 2020 for the Covenant of Mayors from the Eastern Partnership

Publication date: 2012

The report is prepared in response to the request of DG DEVCO for the Administrative Arrangement with JRCIET on the Covenant of Mayors East. In this report, the methodology for the Covenant of Mayors – East is extended with a business-as-usual projection of the emissions for 2020, from which national coefficients for the previous years are derived. In this way, signatories will be able to do their emission inventories of the present situation and estimate which their emissions in 2020 will be. Then they will commit to an emission reduction target based on their projections of emissions for 2020 following the business-as-usual scenario. The factors are country-specific, calculated both for CO2 and CO2eq (CO2, CH4, N2O using the GWP100metric) in order to allow signatories to choose the approach they prefer. Moreover an urban dimension is provided, providing a margin on the projections.

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