Assistance to the Ministry Of Energy for the Adoption of TPA in the Electricity Networks of Armenia

Publication date: 2016

The project was originally discussed with Ministry of Energy and involved the assessment and proposal in regards to the applicability of Third Party Access to all transmission networks. During the development of the Terms of Reference and for practical reasons related to resources availability but also with a view to achieving the anticipated impact, the following where decided:3) The Ministry of Energy and PSRC will act as co-beneficiaries4) The scope of work will be narrowed down to the applicability of Third Party Access (in the manner it is provided for in the EU Acquis) on the new interconnection between Armenia and Georgia (AM-GE interconnector).In the period 22-23 Sep 2015 the ITS expert team visited Yerevan on a data collection mission. The stakeholders meetings involved EPSO, HVEN, Settlement Centre, Institute of Energy, PSRC and the Ministry of Energy. During this meetings the two interrelated directions on which the analysis should concentrate were presented by the ITS experts team. The first one relates to the organization of access to the new interconnector which in turn should be regarded as per the market situation in the short and the long run. The second one relates to the recovery of the investment (and operating costs) of the AM-GE interconnector.

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