Assistance to Ministry of Energy and Coal Industries (MECI) in the development of Energy Scenarios, Policies and National Energy Strategy to 2035

Publication date: 2016

In view of the Association agreement between Ukraine and the EU, the Ministry of Energy and CoalIndustry of Ukraine is updating the energy strategy of the country with a time horizon up to 2035. Inthis process the TIMES energy system model is used in order to examine a number of alternativescenarios for the future development of the energy system of Ukraine. The scenarios were definedsome time ago and the relevant results were presented and discussed in a workshop by the energymodellers (Dept. of Energy Sector Development and Forecasting, Institute for Economics andForecasting, Ukrainian National Academy of Science). A scenario ranking methodology based on theMulti Criteria Decision Analysis was developed in the framework of this assignment. A number ofcriteria were identified in consultation with the local stakeholders and the weight of each criterionwas defined for each stakeholders group in the first workshop which was held on 8-9 April 2016.

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