Baseline Measurement Report: The Principles of Public Administration Ukraine

Publication date: 2018

This Baseline Measurement for Ukraine covers the strategic framework of public administration reform; policy development and co-ordination; public service and human resource management; accountability; and service delivery. Two separate reform strategies are currently in place in Ukraine, the Public Administration Reform Strategy (PARS) and the Public Finance Management System Reform Strategy, but implementation of the latter began only in May 2017 with adoption of the Action Plan. Assessment of the public financial management area would therefore be premature and would not provide significant new information in addition to the situation analysis prepared during development of the Strategy. As requested by Ukraine’s administration, this assessment is based on the methodology and indicators developed for the EU Enlargement candidate countries and potential candidates, which are more rigorous than those designed for ENP countries.This assessment covers data from 2017 and developments to mid-May 2018. 


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