Clima East: Armenia Work Programme 2015

Publication date: 2015

This Workplan describes the planned national activities for Armenia for the 2015 calendar year for the Project as well as providing a general explanation about the project and its approach. The national activities are described in the individual national work plans. This document describes the actions planned for 2015 of the Project responding to Armenia’s stated priorities in the evolving context of climate change policy and international negotiations with particular focus on the “Lima call for climate action” and the principles of the Eastern, multilateral dimension of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP). It presents both support that can be given through programmed core activity and also needs which could be addressed through the Expert Facility. (An explanation of the core activities and Expert Facility resources available to the programme is given at section 1.1) Armenia has identified INDC preparation, MRV and NAMA development and Adaptation planning as priority areas for support.


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Action plan-Programme
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