Clima East Pilots Project Mid-term Evaluation: Volume 1: Overall ClimaEast Pilots Project Summary Report

Publication date: 2015

 The purpose of the evaluation is to provide an independent external view of the progress of the Clima East Pilots Project at its approximate midpoint, and to provide feedback and recommendations to UNDP and project stakeholders that can help strengthen the project and ensure its success during the second half of implementation. The objective of the evaluation is to assess progress towards the achievement of the Clima East Pilots Project objective, identify and document lessons learned (including lessons that might improve design and implementation), and to make recommendations regarding specific actions that might be taken to improve the project. The evaluation report is divided in two volumes: Volume 1 (this report), which summarizes overall findings, conclusions and recommendations for the Clima East Pilots Project in entirety. Volume 2 of this evaluation report includes individualevaluation reports for each of the pilot projects, with additional project-specific findings, conclusions and recommendations. 

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