Clima East Pilots Project Mid-term Evaluation: Volume 2 Individual Pilot Project Mid-term Evaluation Reports

Publication date: 2015

 This evaluation report is  Volume  2 of the overall Clima East Pilots Project mid-term evaluation report. Volume 1 provides an overall summary of the evaluation findings, conclusions and recommendations that relate to the Clima East Pilots Project as a whole, drawing on the data, findings, conclusions and recommendations of the eight individual pilot projects in each of the seven participating countries.Volume 2 of the Clima East Pilots Project mid-term evaluation report is comprised of individual mid-term evaluation reports for each of the eight pilot projects. Volume 2 does not include information on the overall evaluation approach and methodology, which is described in Volume 1 of the evaluation report. The individual project evaluation reports in Volume 2 also do not include their own executive summaries, as the reports are intentionally more concise than they would otherwise be if the projects were not part of the larger Clima East Pilots Project.

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