Clima-East: Sustainable management of pastures and community forests in Moldova’s first National Park Orhei inception report

Publication date: 2013

The EU-UNDP Moldova project “Clima-East: Sustainable management of pastures and community forests in Moldova’s first National Park Orhei to demonstrate climate change mitigation and adaptation benefits and dividends for local communities” is part of the multi-country Action called Clima East: Supporting Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in Neighbourhood East and Russia (Clima East Pilots). The implementing partner is the Ministry of Environment of Moldova. The project total budget is 535,000 EUR. The project time frame is four years. The pilot project in Moldova started 1 July 2013 and officaly launched on 11 September 2013.The project aim is to demonstrate a natural resource management model in the pastures and forests of Moldova which increases ecosystems’ capacity to sequester carbon under pending climate risks, while at the same time retaining biodiversity and economic values. The project targets the pastures and forest degraded lands located in the Orhei National Park area (33,792.09 ha) and its buffer zone.The inception phase began in July 2013. This inception report is the summary of this phase. It documents the review of the project baseline information, strategy, activities and revisions made during the inception phase.Project is implemented by UNDP Moldova. The project will be implemented in close collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, Forestry Agency Moldsilva, Local Public Authorities from Orhei region, Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, Farmers Associations, Academia and NGOs. Specific emphasis will be placed on ensuring sustainability by ensuring ownership of pilot activities by the partner Local Public Authorities from Orhei region – where the project target area is located. The project will closely collaborate with FAO to support the improvement of the policy, legal and regulatory framework related to the use of pastures and grazing revenues (not covered by this project). The best practices and lessons learned of the pilot projects implemented at community level shall inform and feed into the review and development process of an improved regulatory framework. FAO will be consulted on Terms of Reference and methodologies for sustainable pasture management and related planning processes. 


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