Clima East Ukraine’s pilot project “Conservation and Sustainable Use of Peatlands” Inception Report

Publication date: 2013

The Clima East Ukraine’s pilot project “Conservation and Sustainable Use of Peatlands” is a part of the larger EU-funded project package assisting the Eastern Neighbourhood Partnership Countries and Russia in approaches to climate change mitigation and adaptation. The main aim of the package is to show through pilot projects the feasibility of ecosystem-based approaches to climate change, meaning that intact ecosystems can have a strong and cost-efficient positive effect both on climate change mitigation and adaptation.The Ukrainian project deals with peatland ecosystems. This document provides an overview of key activities that have been carried out during the project inception phase, identifies changes that have occurred from the time of the Project Document formulation, updates context specific information and provides an outline of activities that should be undertaken moving forward.The inception phase of the project started in June 2013 after official signing of the Project Document on June 10, 2013 between UNDP in Ukraine and the State Environmental Investment Agency of Ukraine (on behalf of the Government of Ukraine). The inception phase was completed after the project Inception Workshop held on September 12, 2013.


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