Clima East: Ukraine National Work Programme 2014

Publication date: 2013

This report sets out the approach taken to developing the programme of work as well as describing the planned activities for the 2014 calendar year for the Project.This document describes the actions planned for the first year of the Project whilst detailed plans for future years will be refined annually to respond to the evolving context of climate change policy and international negotiations. It presents both support that can be given through programmed core activity and also needs which potentially could be addressed through the Expert Facility. (An explanation of the core and expert facility resources available to the programme is given at section 1.1).A number of key action areas for Ukraine can be supported through the core resources of the Clima East project and are summarised below. Each activity area will be addressed by a combination of expert consultations/workshops/study tours/training/advisory as most appropriate: Expert support for the COP Negotiators; Expert support for developing MRV for Large Industrial Sectors and Emitters; Expert support for the development of GHG Reduction Economic Instruments for Industry.Furthermore, the in-country consultations resulted in further concrete proposals which, though not easily supported with the core resources available during 2014, would be potentially suitable for support under the Expert Facility, subject to successful application, or can be postponed to subsequent years within the project.Section 1.2 and Annex 1 detail these activities; Annex 4B lists the potential Expert Facility activities. The provisional schedule of activities for Year 1, 2014, is described in Annex 2. 


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Action plan-Programme
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