Covenant of Mayors East (CoM East) - factsheet Armenia

Publication date: 2018

Covenant of Mayors East (CoM East) is the EU-funded project aimed at introducing the EU climate and energy initiative to the Eastern Moldova and Ukraine. CoM East supports local authorities in implementing sustainable energy policies, reducing their dependency on fossil fuels,improving the security of energy supply, and facilitates their contribution to climate change mitigation and adaptation. The middle of out of 269 cities in EaP countries that joined the Covenant ofMayors, 76 have committed to the new 2030 objectives by implementing the EU climate and energy policies.“Covenant of Mayors — Demonstration Projects” (CoM-DeP) is the European Union Programme supporting 22 signatories of the Covenant of Mayors in the course of implementing projects included into their Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs). Its global objective is to contribute to the achievement and implementation of a more sustainable local energy policy by enabling local authorities in the Eastern Neighbourhood countries to implement investment projects incorporated in their SEAPs under CoM and thus bridging the gap between the SEAPs and their practical implementation.In Armenia, one of the Demontration Projects “Access to renewable has been implemented since 2015. It provides for the implementation of energyand measures in residential and public buildings in the two Armenian cities.

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