Decentralising vocational education and training in Ukraine

Publication date: 2017

The new Green Paper is an initiative of the European Training Foundation (ETF) on decentralising VET inUkraine. It is a milestone towards action developed in close cooperation with stakeholders across the entire vocational education and training (VET) system, involving both regional and national actors as well as experts from the ETF. It draws on evidence and consultations from the ETF’s Torino Process analysis in the whole country, in depth focus groups in five pilot regions and the results of two working groups led by the Ministry of Education and Science.The Green Paper lays out the challenges facing VET decentralisation in Ukraine. It provides options for improving the draft VET law and outlines the main tasks ahead requiring leadership at state, regional or school level. These are prerequisites for successful transition to an effective and relevant decentralised VET system in the country.

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