Feasibility Assessment of Pastures at Chachuna Area

Publication date: 2014

Current report represents the results of the study conducted at Chachuna Area (Dedoplistskaro Region) within the framework of UNDP/EU project “Sustainable Management of Pastures in Georgia to Demonstrate Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Benefits and Dividends for Local Communities”. Potential of winter pastures in Chachuna Natural Reserve vicinity was studied duringthe period from December 13, 2013 to February 25, 2014.This part of the project included field work and botanical data analysis.Two associations working with different Georgian shepherd`s population, four local farmers and five local shepherds were interviewed during this study.The main goal of this part of the project was the survey of the following issues:• Whether studied pastures are free or are used by some of the farmers.• Whether any property rights documentation of the study area has been issued or not.• Whether farms at the study area are used or not.• Which of the summer pastures are used by Chachuna Area farmers.• Natural resources quality and using possibility by shepherds.• Plant covers condition of Chachuna Area.• Physical-geographical description of Chachuna area.• Infrastructure of the study Area.• Whether or not sheep migration routes exist both to Tusheti and Ninotsminda summerpastures.• The overall number of Chachuna area shepherds and farmers, their gender and number ofowned sheep and other cattle grazed at the pastures sites.• Attitude of local farmers toward the studied pastures. 

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