FINAL DRAFT of the energy efficiency target till 2020 calculation

Publication date: 2018

This document summarises the key findings of the study to provide the basis for general understanding of the type and level of the EED target that could be set by Ukraine.To assess indicative energy efficiency target until 2020 for Ukraine with providing the longervision on energy efficiency development till 2030, the comprehensive approach wasproposed and implemented in the framework of the EU4Energy/ECS project. This approachis based on the use of TIMES-Ukraine model and scenario analysis to be performed toestimate reasonable energy efficiency targets and corresponding measures across sectors.The detailed description of the scenario formulation process, results from scenariomodelling exercises highlighting economic and sectoral effects, potential for energy savingacross sectors within different types of target setting, and also deeper insights of theamendment scenario was given in the main Project Report. 

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