ITS Technical Assistance to Armenia in the field of Energy Statistics in the extension period (Feb. 2015 – Jan. 2016) 

Publication date: 2016

Armenia is one of the nine INOGATE PCs that have agreed upon an Energy Statistics Action Plan (ESAP) with ITS. Armenian beneficiaries have worked actively to implement the ESAP during 2012-2016. The overarching objective of the Technical Assistance to Armenia started in 2012 was to improve its energy statistics systems and to increase the capacity of the National Statistical Service tocollect and compile energy statistics harmonised with EU and international standards.  The main objective of activity CWP.10.AM carried out during the extension period (February 2015-February 2016) was to assist the beneficiary organisations to produce the first national Energy Balance of Armenia and strengthen their ability to fill‐in the five joint IEA/Eurostat/UNECE energy questionnaires.Activity CWP.10.AM was implemented partly during the regional workshop (RWP.13) to which Armenia was invited and partly through remote assistance provided during the preparation and follow‐up phases of the workshop.


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