Migrant Support Measures From An Employment And Skills Perspective (MISMES): Republic Of Moldova

Publication date: 2015

This report is the European Training Foundation’s (ETF) latest contribution to an informed policydialogue on migration in the context of employment and skills. It is part of a series of reports thatpresent the main findings of the project on migrant support measures from an employment and skills perspective (MISMES). The project was coordinated by the Migration Policy Centre of the European University Institute (EUI) under the supervision of the ETF.The result of this project is a worldwide inventory of migrant support measures implemented insending counties, to facilitate labour mobility and increase the developmental effect of migration. In addition, five in-depth studies were conducted in the countries, which concluded mobility partnerships with the European Union (EU): Armenia, Georgia, Republic of Moldova1, Morocco, and Tunisia. For the purposes of these reports, MISMES are defined as specific policy interventions – pre, during and post migration – aimed at improving the labour market integration of migrant workers or the matching of their skills.This report is about mapping and reviewing migrant support measures in Moldova.


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Country report
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