Multiannual Financial Framework beyond 2020

Publication date: 2018

The upcoming EU Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) beyond 2020 is a unique opportunity for the EU to examine the functioning of its funding system and propose solutions to unlock barriers, with the aim to fully deploy public and private financing to improve the quality of life of its people.  The approaching departure of the UK from the EU and the resulting gap in Member States’ contribution will require the next MFF to be sufficiently large to manage new priorities (it is currently about 1% of the EU combined Gross National Income) and flexible enough to be used efficiently. In this context, the lessons learnt from the current use of these funds are paramount to guide the European Commission and the Member States in the development of a new strategic approach for the next MFF.  To move beyond the ‘net balance debate’, the European Commission proposes to shape the future Financial Framework by the principle of European added value2, focusing on common policies, priorities, and areas where the EU budget can deliver goods and services that national spending alone cannot.

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