Prison Management booklet

Publication date: 2017

This manual is based on the lessons learned and the good practices developedin the prison systems of several Council of Europe member States. It presentsa range of European prison management routines, selected and adapted for the use of the managerial staff of the Ukrainian prison system: prison directors,their deputies, assistants and members of the management teams in prisons.This publication is intended to motivate the prison managers to be thedrivers of change towards human rights-based prison management. Humanrights-based prison management is a matter of helping human beings in vulnerablesituations, often left behind by their family, friends and community, tofind their way back to society. A challenging and noble responsibility – and aninvaluable contribution to the whole Ukrainian society.This manual is prepared within the Project on “Further Support to the PenitentiaryReform in Ukraine” implemented under the European Union and theCouncil of Europe programme Partnership for Good Governance.

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Justice Freedom and Security


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