Regional study on EU technologies and methodologies to combat gas losses

Publication date: 2014

For the “INOGATE Technical Secretariat & Integrated Programme in support of the Baku Initiative and the Eastern Partnership energy objectives”, this report presents a summary of best practices for the identification and reduction of natural gas losses in transmission infrastructure. It compiles information from natural gas companies, technology/ service providers, prior INOGATE studies, and published literature, to present technology and operational concepts for the improvement of natural gas leak detection, quantification, and mitigation.Section 3 and 4 of the report presents the general context in terms of the importance of reducing natural gas losses to the sustainable development of transmission systems, the potential value of the opportunity, and the primary sources of losses within transmission infrastructure. Section 5 details the methodologies for estimating natural gas losses. An overview of technologies and practices for reducing gas losses is presented in Section 6, followed by the criteria that should be assessed prior to their implementation in Section 9. Section 7 lists the key steps that companies should consider when establishing an integrated directed inspection and maintenance (DI&M) programme to efficiently and effectively identify; measure; prioritise; and repair leaks. Section 8 details results from a gas industry survey which has supported this study. Finally, Section 10 provides a summary of SCADA and PIMS, and the current status of their integration with LDAR.

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