Regional Workshop in Tbilisi on Gas Infrastructure and European standard EN 1594: 2016 – Gas infrastructure. Pipelines for maximum operating pressure over 16 bar. Functional requirements

Publication date: 2016

This activity was requested by the Georgian National Agency for Standards and Metrology (GeoSTM)and the Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation (GOGC) as part of the Ad-Hoc Expert Facility available tostakeholders of the INGOATE ITS project. The ITS project also received requests to participate in theactivity from beneficiaries in Ukraine, Moldova and Tajikistan. The activity was also opened toparticipants from Azerbaijan.The activity involved the delivery of a three day workshop dedicated to the understanding and useof the European standard EN 1594:2013 which took place in Tbilisi (Georgia) between the 20th andthe 22nd of October 2015. The main objective of the workshop was to help participants better understand how EN 1594:2013can be implemented, as it does not provide detailed technical information on how it can be used,contrary to American standards or German Technical Regulations and Codes. This lack of informationalso makes it difficult for Standardisation Technical Committee (TC) members to understand thestandard functions that further support the adoption of other functional standards in the gas sector.

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