A report on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights education policy and practice in six Eastern Partnership countries

Publication date: 2016

This report has been produced within the framework of the EU/CoE Joint Programme “Supporting Education Policies in Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education in 6 Eastern Partnership countries”. The report draws on the results of a research exercise designed to map the most important initiatives and priorities in the area of Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education (EDC/HRE) in the six countries. The research exercise was carried out 2015-16 by local experts within each country. It resulted in six individual country reports outlining the current situation in relation to the integration of the principles of EDC/HRE within the national education system, and identifying opportunities for further development.This report provides an overview and analysis of the six national reports. It summarises current policy and practice in each country in relation to EDC/HRE, outlines national needs and challenges, and highlights possible areas for future development. In doing so, the report is intended to act as a basis for the selection and targeting of capacity-building activities and the creation of tailor-made training programmes both within countries and the region as a whole, with a view to strengthening educational policy and practice in the six EaP countries in line with European standards.

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