Report on the results of standardisation activities in 2012-2015

Publication date: 2016

This report summarizes the efforts made and results achieved of the approximation of the technical regulatory system of the PCs to that of the EU in 2012-2015. It describes the standardisation system currently in place in the PCs, the changes that have been achieved so far and actions that need to be completed in order to harmonise it with the European system.  The report divides the harmonisation efforts related to standardisation into an institutional building part comprising the establishment of an NSB, its relationship with international and European FSOs, the establishment of national TCs capable of following the work of international and European TCs, and a technical part, comprising adoption of a package of international and European standards allowing to remove effectively the existing barriers to trade between the energy markets of the PCs and the EU. The report also refers to a number of regional events organised and their importance in enhancing the knowledge of harmonisation techniques and practices required to approximate the system of the PCs to that of international and European best practice.


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