Shared Vision, Common Action: A Stronger Europe

Publication date: 2016

The Strategy nurtures the ambition of strategic autonomy for theEuropean Union. This is necessary to promote the common interests ofour citizens, as well as our principles and values. Yet we know that suchpriorities are best served when we are not alone. And they are bestserved in an international system based on rules and on multilateralism.This is no time for global policemen and lone warriors. Our foreign andsecurity policy has to handle global pressures and local dynamics, it has tocope with super-powers as well as with increasingly fractured identities.Our Union will work to strengthen our partners: We will keep deepeningthe transatlantic bond and our partnership with NATO, while we will alsoconnect to new players and explore new formats. We will invest in regionalorders, and in cooperation among and within regions. And we will promotereformed global governance, one that can meet the challenges of this 21st century. We will engage in a practical and principled way, sharing globalresponsibilities with our partners and contributing to their strengths.We have learnt the lesson: my neighbour’s and my partner’s weaknessesare my own weaknesses. So we will invest in win-win solutions, and movebeyond the illusion that international politics can be a zero-sum game.

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Strategy document
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