Technical Assistance to EBRD in development of e-learning courses based on updated course material on EE/RES financing

Publication date: 2016

During 2012-2013 and into early 2014 ITS developed and implemented a number of training coursesfor bankers in Partner Countries (PCs). The trainings were held as five day modules and were taughtby the then Key Expert 3 and two to four (different) senior experts contracted for the specifictrainings which took place in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. There were requests for trainingcourses from Moldova and Ukraine which were never met because the formalities in terms ofparticipants’ qualifications and numbers could not be complied with.In early 2014 it was confirmed with the European Commission (EC) to discontinue providing thesetraining courses and to make the training materials available to the EBRD so that it could be furtherdeveloped as e-learning modules in such a way that the materials would be branded as joint EC andEBRD materials. The end beneficiaries will be those banks and bankers in the PCs using the e-learningtraining in the framework of the loans and credit facilities made available by the EBRD.The overall objective of this Activity has been to support the continuation of the concept of theBankers Training in EE/RES financing topics - initiated through the ITS Programme - by providingtechnical assistance that will strengthen the future E-learning Training Programme that is beingdeveloped by EBRD. 

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