Torino Process 2014: Azerbaijan

Publication date: 2015

The report was prepared by the Azerbaijani stakeholders with a self-assessment modality and fully written by the Ministry of Education. It not only reports on the progress since 2012, but includes information on many new national and international initiatives to support the reform of vocational education. It draws lessons from the evaluation of the State Programme for VET 2007-2012 and provides elements of an emerging VET strategy for the future that builds on the State Strategy for the Development of Education, approved by Presidential Decree on 24 October 2013.The Ministry of Education has implemented the 2014 Torino Process in coordination with a platform of Azerbaijani stakeholders. The process was accompanied by capacity building activities. The Ministry of Education acted as the national coordinator. The Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population1, Ministry of Economy and Industry, State Statistical Committee and VET providers werealso involved in developing the report and collecting data. Within this round of the Torino Process, the Ministry of Education also committed to conducting benchmarking exercises (ET 2020 indicators) as part of the report, to benchmark education and training progress against EU benchmarks.


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