Torino Process 2016-17: Belarus - Executive Summary

Publication date: 2017

This Torino Process country report describes the development of vocational education and training (VET) in Belarus from 2014 to 2016. It includes evidence-based analysis and assessment of the key trends in VET development and labour force replacement in the context of the changes in the labour market. It describes the mechanisms for the implementation of education policy that ensure that the VET system can respond effectively and efficiently to the economic, social and demographic changes in Belarusian society. The report describes the economic and sociodemographic situation since 2014 and summarises Belarus’ key regulations for the development of VET and the economy at large. Particular attention is paid to the identification and assessment of drivers of change. Notably, this report includes an attempt to strengthen the links between the current socio-economic changes and the synergy between VET, the labour market, and the population’s needs in terms of educational provision. Conclusions are drawn based on official national statistics from the National Statistical Committee (Belstat), the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, as well as outputs from special studies and expert evaluations. The contents of this report will be useful for international benchmarking, experience sharing between countries, the further enhancement of VET policy implementation mechanisms, and improving the accessibility and quality of VET


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