The tasks performed by election observers are therefore extremely important. Elections must be prepared with diligence and integrity, and observers must perform their duties in an unbiased and...

This document represents guideline on Media Coverage Standards (in Georgian).

This document represents CoE Human rights guidelines for Internet service providers (in Romanian).

This document represents Ethics Commission Precedents and Recommendations 2014-2016 by the Georgian Bar Association (in Georgian).

CoE Internet Literacy Handbook

Publication date: 2016

This document represents CoE Internet Literacy Handbook (in Romanian and Russian).

This document presents International Conference Report.Bar Associations for Independent, Qualified and Ethical Exercise of the Profession of Lawyer.

This document represents a handbook on prisoners’ rights in Ukraine.

This document represents a guide on Article 6 of the Convention - Right to a fair trial (civil limb) (in Azerbaijani).

Handbooks for Observers (in Armenian)

Publication date: 2016

This document represents handbooks for Observers (in Armenian).

This document represents an instruction of the Committee of Ministers “Guide to good practice in respect of domestic remedies” (in Azerbaijani).