This document provides Assessment of Effectiveness of the Institute of Officials Responsible for Detained Persons as a Mechanism of Ill-treatment Prevention

This document represents manual for general secondary education "Democratic citizenship and human rights", called "Living in Democracy  (in Azerbaijani).

This book represents photojournalism textbook (in Azerbaijani).

This document represents TV Broadcast journalism textbook (in Azerbaijani).

New media textbook (in Azerbaijani)

Publication date: 2017

This document represents a new media textbook (in Azerbaijani).

This document represents manual on investigations involving vulnerable victim/witnesses and suspects (in Armenian).

This document represents Manual on Admissibility of Evidence for Armenian Prosecutors (in Armenian).

This document represents manual on general criminal investigative methodology (in Armenian).

This document represents Pretrial detention and related investigatory issues (in Armenian).

This report focuses on key developments and reform efforts and outlines the short and medium-term strategic priorities agreed between the EU and Moldova. Such reports will be produced each year in ...