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This document is Commission Implementing Decision of 26.11.2018 on the Annual Action Programme 2018 (part 2) in favour of Ukraine to be financed from the general budget of the Union.

This document is the Commission Implementing Decision of 25.7.2018 on the Annual Action Programme 2018 (part 1) in favour of Ukraine to be financed from the general budget of the Union. 

This is the first report following the review of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) in November 2015, which sets out a new framework for building more effective partnerships between the EU and...

This report focuses on key developments and reform efforts and outlines the short and medium-term strategic priorities agreed between the EU and Moldova. Such reports will be produced each year in ...

New media textbook (in Azerbaijani)

Publication date: 2017

This document represents a new media textbook (in Azerbaijani).

This book represents photojournalism textbook (in Azerbaijani).

This document represents TV Broadcast journalism textbook (in Azerbaijani).

In this second publication, Civil Participation in Political Decision-Making in the Eastern Partnership Countries – Part Two: Practice and Implementation, analysts in the six countries examin...

This document is an updated version of the EEAS-NEAR Joint Staff Working Document SWD(2016)467 on "20 Deliverables for 2020" of 15 December 2016.

The document represents the press-release of the 5th Eastern Partnership Summit. It took place today in Brussels. It was a moment to celebrate the achievements of the last two years in the EU's...