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VET governance: Georgia

Publication date: 2017

VET governance: Moldova

Publication date: 2017

VET governance: Russia

Publication date: 2017

VET governance: Ukraine

Publication date: 2017

This document is an updated version of the EEAS-NEAR Joint Staff Working Document SWD(2016)467 on "20 Deliverables for 2020" of 15 December 2016.

The document represents the press-release of the 5th Eastern Partnership Summit. It took place today in Brussels. It was a moment to celebrate the achievements of the last two years in the EU's...

This report provides an account of the activities of the Support Group for Ukraine in the course of its first eighteen months of full operation (from approximately September 2014 to the first half ...

The report on Georgia underlines key/main developments and reform efforts in 2013 and makes recommendations for the year 2014. 

Circulation of fiches 2015

Publication date: 2016

The Commission/the Programme Administration Offices circulate all twinning project fiches to all EU Member States and invites them to submit project proposals by a given deadline. Selection meeting...

The Conference of Regional and Local Authorities for the Eastern Partnership (hereinafter referred to as "CORLEAP") is the political forum of discussion, consultation, supervision and mon...