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Ukraine and Europe - A short guide

Publication date: 2016

The new relationship between Ukraine and the European Union is the focus of this accessible, non-technical short guide. This relationship is based on a complex treaty: an Association Agreement with...

The introduction to the document outlines the key priorities and deliverables of the Eastern Partnership (EaP). Overall, 20 key deliverables have been identified in the framework of the priorities ...

The document presents a country context, including political and socio-economic situation and relations with the EU, vocational education and training (VET) and skills in the country, EU and other ...

Local skills matter: Belarus

Publication date: 2016

Local skills matter: Georgia

Publication date: 2016

Local skills matter: Moldova

Publication date: 2016

this ENP country report sets out the state of play of Ukraine’s implementation of the Association Agenda since 1 January 2015, ahead of the EU-Ukraine Association Council of 2016.

This report focuses on key developments and reform efforts and outlines the short and medium-term strategic priorities agreed between the EU and Georgia. Such a report will be produced annually.

The study on the roles and responsibilities of mayors and local councillors in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova,Ukraine and Belarus, commissioned by the Congress of Local ...

This handbook draws on methods for electoral assistance developed by our Organisationover many years. It aims to help observers to become more efficient and to producereports which are more effecti...